Where the hell are the bike racks??!

Lizzy (my 6 year old and avid cyclist) and I rode out tandem to Jack in the Box for lunch. When we arrived we noticed that 2 bikes were tied to a couple of poles… oh oh… we circled the place, and sure enough, NO BIKE RACKS! WTF! This not the only establishment around my house that does not have racks to park bikes. Yet another example of how bike commuters are belittled by our car culture.


  1. Eric

    Moe, I see you have tandem. As you know, I’ve been logging a lot of miles. My wife would like to join me on some rides, but does not have the same schedule where she can condition – not to mention an old knee injury. So, we were starting consider a tandem. Any pointers on that? I have never ridden one, and have no experience. We were thinking this might be a way we could ride around together…

  2. Moe (Post author)

    Here’s the interesting story about the tandem, my wife has never ridden with me. The bike was Christmas present to my daughter and to myself. She is not big enough to pedal so I do all of the pedaling, and as far as balance go, it takes a little time to get used to but no biggie. Both my daughter and I love riding the tandem, I think that your wife will enjoy it as well.

  3. jeff

    Funnily enough, I blogged about this same thing today (can I put links in here? I’m a new/aspiring bike commuter, and discovered today that the safe grocery store has no racks, while the creepy Wal-Mart (which requires an ugly ride by a couple of freeway on- and off-ramps) has plenty. I’m torn about whether to use the racked-and-nasty or the unracked-and-… unnasty?

  4. Moe (Post author)

    My local Stater Brothers does not have racks as well. Since I go there for banking purposes and the occasional 6 pack, I take my folding bike inside with me. You have to see the look of the patrons! I’ve sent an email to Jack in the Box regarding bike racks, the irony of the whole thing is that those two couple bikes that were attached to the poles belonged to employees. Let’s see what happens.

  5. mike

    Drop an email or write a letter! I had a similar issue with a local Ben & Jerry’s. The regional marketing / customer service director wrote back and 3-4 months later there was a communal rack installed (to serve the movie theater and the scoop shop).

    I’m working on a large box store… but I doubt it will happen any time soon:

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