Do Computer Guys Commute More?

I’m a computer guy, so is Moe. Ok for the folks that don’t like that connotation…we’ll change it to, “Information Technology Professional”

I don’t know what it is, but I found that there are more people commuting who are IT professionals than any other profession.

Personally I work in IT and my degree is IT, Moe works as a some sort of programming master for his company, Eric Smith is in IT, So Noah.

So what gives? No CEO or CFO Controller commutes? I do know this, professional photographers do commute because Russ Roca and Nick James do!


  1. Ghost Rider

    CEOs don’t commute because they can’t fit their “golden parachutes” in their panniers! Har dee har har…

    I am loosely in the IT sector, I suppose. I do “virtual reference” for our statewide Ask-A-Librarian service in addition to the other tasks of an urban librarian.

    By the way, I solicited a couple of local female commuters to contact the site…hopefully they’ll follow through and be profiled…it’s too much of a sausage party around here!

  2. RL Policar

    Sausage party it is…just as long as no one plays the game…”hide the salami”

  3. Ghost Rider

    Ha..ha! Well, with those pictures of shaved legs and you and Moe bickering back and forth about how manly you each are….let’s just say I’m praying that no one decides to get their inner freak on!

  4. RL Policar

    Don’t be jealous that you don’t have legs of thunder. Jack if you work really really hard and want bigger, buffer, sexier legs…you too can have them some day.

    But probably not as sexy as mine…but close enough! So keep working on it Mr. Sweeney and some day…maybe…some day…you too will look as hot as I do.

  5. Moe


  6. Eric

    Hmmm. I didn’t catch how the comments went from IT to legs. I guess I’ll have to post a pic of mine. They’re the only part of my body that actually looks great. (Too bad about the rest though)

    As far as IT guys go – I’ll bet we all realized at some point that we sit most of the day, and being the logical fellas we are, we realized, or observed the effects. Biking to work then becomes the most efficient way to exercise, have fun, and still maintain a livelihood!

  7. Nick

    Actually I’m doing tech support these days. IT!!

  8. Moe

    I don’t know if it’s the logical aspect of it, but I know that we are the type of people that refuse to follow the mainstream, we also have a passion (maybe to the point of obsession) about what we do therefore riding our bikes to work is a way of saying, yeah we can afford cars, but why be like everyone else?

  9. RL

    We would have been good Goth or Emo Kids if we were back in High School…

  10. Moe


  11. Noah

    Derek Pearson is an Xtracycle commuter most of the time (photography).

    I stand by my thought that analytical people who know how to optimize routines and understand logic will be more likely to see the benefits of bike commuting. That said, you should see some of the bicycle commuters I run across out here. I’m pretty sure most of the cyclists I see downtown don’t have a car, and would probably trade their bike for a car at the drop of a hat if their situation would allow it.

    Put mildly, these aren’t the kinds of people who are going to fire up their brand new Dells and Macs, use their 8 megabit cable modem (or steal a neighbor’s wireless), then go out Googling for bicycle commuting blogs, submitting their life story for the world to see. Still, they are among the most dedicated bicycle commuters around. I seldom saw another bicycle over the winter that was geared up with clipless, lights, and all that jazz. I saw plenty of people on bikes in the snow, but they weren’t java developers. The one that sticks out in my mind is the guy that works at the library down the street from me. His bike is out there every single day, and I see him around town once in a while, too.

    At the end of the day, our reasons for bike commuting will vary greatly.

    I like saving money and getting outside. I like the efficiency and liberty that comes with a bike.

    Some people use bike commuting to save time and money by replacing a gym membership with a bicycle on the way to and from work.

    Others might not even like riding their bicycles but do it to help the environment, the community, or to “stick it to the man”

    And there are some who have fallen on hard times but still realize the value of two-wheeled transportation.

    What I’m saying is that until you hit the streets and ask everyone on a bicycle what they do for a living and if they’re on their way to or from work, your results will be skewed. If someone e-mails you or starts posting blog comments, the odds are already good that they’re a “Technical” person.

  12. Cornfed Jay


  13. RL Policar (Post author)

    CornFed Jay was a jock back in HS…

    Just like Ogre in Revenge of the NERDS…

  14. HenryH

    Thinking back to the college days, which is not very long ago mind you… a lot of students bicycle commute (including lots of female cyclists). What happen to them after they graduate? Maybe I need to start a facebook group called: “cycling to school is the best!” or something like that. Any suggestions for a “cool” name?

  15. Moe

    Henry: Call it “College Bike Jocks”

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