Call me Rico, Swobo

Swobo Sanchez

I got a sweet Swobo Sanchez frame as a father’s day gift. I picked up the frame from Banning’s Bikes in Fullerton CA.

Banning's Bikes

This was my first purchase experience at Banning’s, and let me say that everyone that works there is super cool. Banning himself helped me out with my frame by basically dismantling a complete bike and selling me the frame and fork at a very competitive price. If you live around the Fullerton Area, check out Banning’s bikes and tell them that you read about them on this site.

Swobo Sanchez

Back to the bike… I quickly assembled the bike with rims, crankset, stem, seatpost and chain courtesy of the Raleigh One Way. The saddle came from my F20-R and the flat bars from the KHS Tandem. I’m not so sure about the bars, I’m thinking On-One Mary bars… Anyhow, I will be riding this bike to work as soon as I install a front brake, I’m not that good at riding a brake-less fixed gear bike… yet.


  1. Ghost Rider

    Already sporting a spokecard? Hah, all you need now is to tie a bandana to the top tube and slip into a pair of really tight jeans and you can officially be a “fixed gear hipster”!!

    Seriously, that’s a cool bike — the galvanized finish is a cool idea. I didn’t know that LBSs were authorized to just sell frames and forks from these…or did you have to talk them into it?

  2. RL Policar

    oooh Nice!

  3. Moe (Post author)

    Ghost: I was actually going to go buy a Pake frame, but Banning told me that the Sanchez was $20 bucks more so I jumped on it right away!!! I’m pretty sure that the GOOD shops will go the extra mile even if that means parting out a bike, Banning’s Bikes is one of them.

  4. Moe (Post author)

    RL, now I’m cool like you…

  5. RL Policar

    Mmm…you’re almost there. But you still need to shave your legs and gain about 20lbs…

  6. Ghost Rider

    Wow…I wish I had an LBS like that around here…I cannot imagine one of our local shops going that extra mile for a customer (except, perhaps, someone ready to drop a couple grand on a bike).

    I think you made a better choice…the Pake’ frame is ok, but the fork is ugly…overall the Pake’ is too generic, and the Sanchez is way cooler!

    And now that you have a Sanchez, you no longer need that Pinarello, right? Ha ha

  7. RL Policar

    Man that’s gotta be the 4th time Ghost Rider mentioned that Pinarello….he must want it pretty bad!

  8. Moe (Post author)

    Yeah, I noticed it too… Ghost, just email me the $$ you are willing to pay for it, it has to be over 4 figures….

  9. Ghost Rider

    Alright…alright. I’ll drop it. You just don’t see bikes like that around here (my dream is to go to a yard sale and see a classic Cinelli track frame for $5.00 — ain’t gonna happen in Tampa).

    I might just have to hit up a bike shop somewhere to get me one of those Sanchez frames…or hold out until my dream becomes a reality!

  10. Russ Roca

    The guys at Banning are pretty cool and they carry stuff other thant he typical Trek and Giants. My buddies and I rode their all the way from Long Beach after seeing their ad in the OC Weekly…had to get a shot of espresso at their shop…

  11. RL Policar


    Bannings is just a few miles away! Wow, if you ever plan on riding down here again, let us know.

  12. Stevil

    Now prepare for the onslaught of attractive women pushing wheel barrows of money.

  13. Moe (Post author)

    I’ll settle for just the attractive women….

  14. Grace (your wife) Ramirez

    “attractive women?” What do you mean by that? The only woman that you should want near you is ME!

  15. Moe (Post author)


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