If this video doesn’t help you fall in love with the Xtracycle…then I don’t know what will

This has to be the most thorough piece of media I’ve seen that best Xplains the Xtracycle.


  1. Noah

    Why, oh why do you tease me with this stuff? My Outlook would be a great candidate for conversion. I’ve thought about it several times. Now that I don’t use it too often as it falls into that niche between my mountain bike and my road bike, it’s really tempting to turn it into something that’s not only sturdier than my road bike, but can carry a lot as well.

  2. RL Policar

    I love my Xtracycle. I use it when I go to the groceries and I use it mountain biking.


    and I used it when I did some Geo caching

  3. Ghost Rider

    God, I’ve wanted one of these since I first saw one a couple years ago…all this video does is make me consider maxing my credit card to GET ONE!

    RL, your Xtracycle is the perfect vehicle for the “Down Lo Glo”, too. Badass!!!

  4. RL

    Just save up for the Xtracycle guys and it will be worth it!

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