Fixed Gear Friday II

swobo sanchez
I rode my Swobo Sanchez to work for the first time. Last time I rode a fixed gear bike to work was back in January, getting into the fixie groove took me a couple of miles but I then “became one” with my bike.

swobo sanchez

First impression of my bike: I LOVE IT. I need to do a couple of saddle/seatpost adjustments, but this bike rides really smooth. I really like my flat handlebar setup, I may keep it.

I also rode with the knickers that Randy made for us awhile back, Randy did an awesome job and I really dig the knickers. I’m really looking forward to the ride back home.


  1. RL Policar

    Now we’re cool like Nick James…well almost.

  2. Ghost Rider

    Sweet! I rode my fixed gear today, too!

    Moe, you’re rockin’ that “urban bike guerilla” look…

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