I used to stink!

Ever since I was a kid my feet had always been stinky. No matter what I did, it would always smell at the end of the day! I used deodorants, sprays, powers, anti-odor soles and etc…nothing worked

It wasn’t until a few years ago Priscilla brought home the Crystal Stick. At first I wasn’t sure what it was…I read the label and it said something about natural salts and how it prevented your body from producing odor causing bacteria. First I started using the Crystal Stick as an under arm deodorant. To my surprise this stuff worked! The Crystal Stick stop my BO from showing up. I used to have to reapply my traditional deodorant by 6pm, but I found that the Crystal Stick lasted up to a few days! Seriously, I’d apply it right after my shower on Monday, couple of days and showers go by, I still haven’t reapplied and my pits still don’t smell!

Anyhow back to my feet. So I tried everything under the sun to prevent foot odor. Nothing worked. Then one day I figured if the Crystal Stick works for my pits, then it has to work for my feet. I applied a generous amount of the stick after a good shower in the morning. Then at the end of the day pulled off my socks and guess what…NO SMELL!

Now I figured if this stuff works for my feet…why not my nuts!

Yup I said it, my nuts. C’mon guys you know what I’m talking about. At the end of the day your balls can get smelly from all the sweat and stuff. Well, the Crystal Stick works there too!

Basically you can apply this stuff anywhere you don’t want to be smelly, and it REALLY WORKS!

Just remember to follow the directions, basically after you bathe, get the stick really wet and apply generously. That’s it, its easy!

If you’re tired of being smelly…get the Crystal NOW!!!!!!

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