Out of Air

As I was riding back to my mom’s (that’s where I leave my kids and park the truck) on Friday, I noticed that the rear of the Swobo Sanchez was wiggling. I slowed down and stopped and noticed that my rear tire was really low on air. I was about 1/2 mile away from my final destination, so instead of changing the tube, I grabbed my SealnFlate can (sort of like a fix-a-flat) and tried to inflate the tire.

For whatever reason, the SealnFlate did not work, it actually made it worse by sucking whatever little air I had left on my tire. Fine, I still had my CO2 pump in my Deuter Backpack that I usually carry when I go mountain biking. I hook up my CO2 pump to the tire, push the trigger and… nothing, no pssss, nothing… WTF? Oh crap, I remembered that last time I went mountain biking at night with RL and Priscilla RL got a flat and I offered my CO2 pump.

RL using my CO2 pump

So, I was SOL. I ended up walking the last half mile to my mom’s house since I didn’t want to call my sister to pick me up. (Grace was working Bingo that night). So I will make sure that I carry my mini-pump from now on and forget about those ‘fix-a-flat’ in a can doo-dads and the CO2 pump.