The New Poll

We have posted a new poll. We are interested to see how much commuters are willing to spend on a “commuter bike” (Fixie, Road, MTB, etc). Based on the answers, we will try to test bikes that will meet the price criteria of most of you. Based on the last poll, most of you ride Fixed gear bikes or Road Bikes. We have already reviewed the Raleigh One Way and RL is working on a long term review of the Redline 9-2-5 and we are currently rolling on a Swobo Sanchez. We are hoping to review a road bike next. So keep voting, cause it’s all about you!!!


  1. Eric

    Looks like I am with the majority (so far) in the $501-1000 range. I just think since I am riding so far, I want a very reliable and efficient bike. My current one cost around $300, but next spring I hope to buy one that is going to break the $1000 mark – maybe… After money still *is* an object to me… 🙂

  2. Cyclo Kitty

    My current comfort hybrid cost me $460 Canadian. I will defininately pay more for my second bike because I want a lighter, faster bicycle with better components. Terry’s has a touring bike for $1500 US I dream about, so I guess that’s my upper-ish limit.

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