Fellow rider hit by a car on purpose

We received this email from Jay Jordan:

I read Bike Commuters several times a day and love it–that’s why I wanted to let you guys know about a hit and run (deliberate) on a road cyclist here in Salt Lake. His name is Marty Kasteler; you can find local stories in mainstream media and at our SLC Bicycle Collective online (just Google the name). The driver of the truck who pulled into a parking lot to run over Marty after Marty tapped on the truck to let him know he was there hasn’t been caught yet. Marty is in ICU at a local hospital.

Granted, the jury is out on whether cyclists should tap cars/trucks who seem to ignore them or cut them off, but there’s never an excuse for this.

Friends have started a fund for him–see Since commuters deal with traffic everyday, I thought your blog would be a good place to raise awareness about this incident and about bike-car/truck relations generally.

Thanks for all the work you and the other guys do,

It really makes my blood boil when I read news such as this one, what is it about people that think that cars are more precious than life?


  1. Ghost Rider

    Did anyone get a license plate? I say we mount up a posse and wrap a U-lock round that a$$hole’s head!

    I agree that it makes me furious when motorists do stuff like this…”ooooh, I had to waste another precious two seconds to let that clown on a bike clear the intersection”, or “ooooh, they tapped my car!”

    I don’t think it is just motorists, though…I think society-wide, we are plagued by people with an overinflated self-importance. It’s the American way, dammit!

  2. Priscilla

    This makes me so sad……I am so disturbed by that. 🙁
    Marty will be in our prayers.

  3. Drew

    What a horrible story. It is stories like this (and daily close calls) that remind me how close we are to serious harm every day. It could happen to any of us. Get well Marty!

    I had to knock on the side of an SUV once when an ambulance was approaching. The driver who I was stuck next to had me squeezed so tightly against the curb that my entire torso was resting up against the side of her truck. She never saw me. She never even seemed to acknowledge my frantic knocking! Now, when I hear emergency vehicles coming from either direction, I quickly stop and get as far off the road as possible.

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