Make Your Own Bicycle Themed Shirt!

This one is pretty easy to do. First grab a dark colored shirt. In fact, use black since it will turn out better. I used this brownish grey shirt as a sample. Then grab an old chain ring.

Then fill up a small spay bottle with bleach and lay down the chain ring in the center of the shirt, afterwards, SPRAY!

Just make sure you spray evenly and make it look neat. Once you’re down spraying it down, carefully remove the chainring, making sure you don’t drip any of the bleach onto the rest of the shirt. You’ll notices that you all ready have a cool pattern stenciled out.

Here’s how it looks once it has dried out.

A closer look, cool huh? Now go wear it and show people that you dig bikes!


  1. Drew

    Do you think my wife would be upset if I experimented with her shirts first?

  2. matte

    I think i have this exact same shirt. Well, mine is white… but I’m pretty sure that’s the exact same chainring. Mine is pretty ragged though, i don’t wear it much anymore.

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