Banjo Brothers Pocket Messenger Bag

A while back Banjo Brothers sent me this Pocket Messenger Bag. I’ve since renamed it my “MAN BAG” since I use it like a…uh…purse. Yup I carry my wallet, keys, phone and other things I may need. It’s pretty light too and far more comfortable than having things in my pocket.

Here’s how I normally wear my Man Bag.

I can stuff all of this into the bag. By the way, that’s a 1.5 L bottle of Yellow Tail…and it’s pretty heavy.


Check this out, you can roll it up, put it in your pocket, seat bag or where ever. Then when you need it, just unroll it and you’ve got something to carry your six pack.

I really like my Banjo Brothers Pocket Messenger Bag, I take it to work, the grocery store or where ever.