Fixed Gear Friday…and a mountain bike

Typically we’ll post something that is fixed gear related and have some fun with it. Today’s fixed gear Friday is a bit different.

I started a new kick ass job with a Real Estate Investment company 5 miles from my home. So that meant commuting here was a no brainer. Yesterday was my first time riding to work. I brought my fixed gear bike. Since this building doesn’t have any bike racks, I decided to bring in my bike and store it in one of our offices.

Here’s an obligatory shot of me in the office wearing my Hoss MTB Knickers.

I live in a city where they take biking seriously. With that in mind check out how wide this bike lane is. It’s the same width as the car lane!

Ok so you’re wondering what the words “mountain bike” is doing with the title. Well just to let you all know, I do love mountain bikes…heck we run a mountain biking site! But I don’t love them for commuting. I decided to take one for the team and dedicated my commute this morning to our homie Noah. This ride’s for your buddy!

I took my super heavy trail bike, the Woodstock 707 equipped with Tag Wheels to work this morning. If you haven’t already figured it all out, my fixed gear photos were from Thursday.

With that said, don’t say I never liked mountain bikes…its just they are not my favorite to commute with.

By the way, I have a great commute, I go through some wide bike lanes, 2 parks and barely have to deal with idiot drivers.

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