How to make your own messenger bag

A while back my brother Randy, a fellow bike commuter and staff writer for the site, made his own messenger bag and posted the how to on the site.

So if you haven’t already seen it, you can read all about it HERE. He even posted a video on how the quick tug and pull strap action adjusts and releases the bag in 2 seconds.


  1. Cornfed Jay

    I’ve heard of re-gifting…so would this be considered re-posting? Just hackin’ on what you guys do here….

  2. Moe

    The life of a post in a blog is very small. We just wanted show some of our best content to our new readers!

  3. Logan

    Hey i was going to use your post to make a bag buy the first 5 picture which im pretty sure hold the lengths and such are not showing up :/

  4. Ghost Rider


    We’ll look for those photos…back in 2007, our site was hacked and we lost a lot of content, but those images are (or were, at least) hosted on Flickr, so they should have been safe.

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