Bicycle Fixation Wool Knickers Review

The great folks from Bicycle Fixation sent us their Wool Knickers to review.

Here are the quick details:

Our elegant, bicycle-friendly knickers are made in Los Angeles in a fair-wage factory from 100% wool gabardine, and will be the most comfortable clothes you own. They have been tested in temperatures from close to 20°F to over 95°F, in rush hour, over mountain passes, on Critical Mass, in the office, and at restaurants and malls, and they have proven themselves every time. Using local materials and labor when they are available reduces transport impacts on the planet.

Although the fabric feels light, our testers in Minnesota and Illinois have reported that they are comfortable in temperatures down to just over 20°F, and we have ourselves tested them in heat up to nearly 100°F. The wool transpires sweat better than synthetic so-called “wicking” materials, rarely (so far, for us, never) shows sweat-spotting, and does not hold body odors–you can wear these for several days of riding before you need to clean them.

Retail Price: $99.00

Let me being by saying the Knickers are not my style, I prefer to ride with Hoss MTB shorts to work. I rode with the knickers on cool mornings and on hot afternoons. The knickers were most comfortable during the mornings, I really liked that my knees were shielded from the cool air. On the afternoons, well, I did get hot. However, I did find that the fabric absorbed my sweat and it was somewhat breathable.

Thumbs Up:The quality of the fabric and the workmanship is top notch. The knickers are also super comfortable, there was no itching, and the knickers didn’t ride up my butt. The price of the knickers is very competitive as well.

Thumbs Down: I personally didn’t care for the burgundy satin cut out on the bottom of the legs.

Bottom Line: If wool knickers are your style, check out Bicycle Fixation’s wool knickers, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. RL Policar

    Moe, how come I don’t see my picture on your desk?

  2. Laura

    Oooh! I like the satin cut-out best — very suave… do they come in women’s sizes? Why do guy’s always get the cool stuff? This would be nice in a pinstripe.

  3. Moe (Post author)

    RL, your picture is UNDER my desk…

  4. Ghost Rider

    All you need now is a fancy curled handlebar moustache, a wool newsboy cap and a meeschaum pipe and you will be rocking that turn-of-the-century (20th Century) “bicycling dandy”.

    I am a huge fan of knickers — almost every pair of shorts I own are knickers…but that satiny inlay is LAME. It looks like Liberace’s underpants…scary!

  5. Ghost Rider

    Oops…I meant “meerschaum”.

  6. Rick

    Well, no one’s required to like the burgundy flash in our knickers, but most folks do, including the hard-boiled NYC messenger who reviewed them for the New York Times…quoth he: “With a patch of red satin just above the cinching system at calf height, these low-key gabardine knickers were the most stylish of the bunch, he said, adding, ‘They have flair in the right places.'”

    Read it yer own selves, folks, with a nice picture:

    You gotta click on the picture to see the actual reviews of the five knix they checked out.

  7. Ron Grandia

    For killer knickers on the cheap, go to your local Army Surplus store! My son found wool knickers for less than $30.00! Like new condition, and with that great Army-Surplus musk. The canvas knickers were in the $20.00 range. Can’t beat that!

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