Fixed Gear Friday!

Hey boys and girls, well its our favorite day of the week! Fixed Gear Friday! Yay!

For today’s installment of Fixed Gear Friday, I wanted to share some beautiful pictures of my morning commute. This is Craig Regional Park located in Brea,Ca. Here’s a little bridge I cross every time I ride to work. Fixed Gear Friday wouldn’t be complete without a picture of my fixed gear bike!

Here’s a beautiful bird, mmm doesn’t he look yummy!

This is a stream where you can catch crawdads in!

Don’t forget to enter our Fixed Gear Friday contest, or as Moe called it “Fixie Friday”. Read the question carefully, he is being sneaky!

Well that’s it for now, stay tuned next week when we bring you another posting about Fixed Gear Fridays!

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  1. LLrider

    LUCKY!!! Man that’s a nice commute if you get to go through that park. I used to go catch crawdads with chicken necks over in the Fullerton creek. Ah the good old days.

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