Cargo Bikes

The Bakfiets cargo bike sparked my interest on this type of bikes. Although most of these bikes cost over 2,000 large, Mike from summed up some of the reasons why spending 2 big ones may not be that bad after all:

Expensive? Sure. About what you’ll pay in interest for a new or lightly used car. Or fuel for a years worth of SUV driving. Or 2 years of cell phone service on your new iPhone. Or the average spending on entertainment for a year (maybe two). Over a 5 year period a Bakfiets will cost you about the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

I also did a search to see if anyone else made cargo bikes like the Bakfiets that is able to carry kids and its available in the US, here’s what I came up with:

The Long Haul from Human Powered Machines, $2300

The Bilenky Cargo Bike $2495

The A.N.T Frontaloadonme, starts at $2,950

You can find countless of bike trailers, pedicabs and rear attachments, but what I like about the cargo bikes is having the kids on the front and the not-so-wide profile. I think I want one….