Seattle Sports “Fast Pack” Pannier — First Impression

Seattle Sports Waterproof Pannier

Seattle Sports recently sent us one of their waterproof “Fast Pack” pannier bags to test in the harsh summer rains of west-central Florida. Any company based in Seattle will surely know a thing or two about wet weather, and Seattle Sports is well-known for their excellent gear that is built to handle extreme wetness!

Here’s a bit about the bag, directly from the manufacturer’s website:

-10″ w, 14″ h, 5″ deep
-750 cu. in. per single bag
-18 oz.
-sold individually
-Price: $59.95

The bag is a simple three-roll-closure bag with nylon buckles, much like traditional dry bags for kayak and canoe applications. It is made of a radio-frequency welded nylon and rubberized fabric. It features a side compression strap for keeping loads from swaying, a smallish reflective patch on the back of the bag and a small zippered interior pocket.

The interior of the bag is lined in soft nylon. Even though the bag only holds 750 cubic inches, a lot can hide down in there, and the interior is DARK. A lighter-colored liner would help a user locate small items hiding down in the bottom. The zippered interior pocket is located on the outer wall of the inside.

Inside the bag:
Inside the bag

The rack attachment system is the real showcase of this bag. Comprised of two upper rigid clips with spring-loaded locking keepers and a sliding, rotating lower “toggle” that clamps around the bottom of the rack stays, this system is absolutely bulletproof. You will not shake this bag loose, even with a heavy load!! This attachment system is well-designed and is perhaps the best I’ve had the pleasure of using.

The bag's attachment system

Here’s a closeup of the upper clips. The keepers are on the inside — no real springs in there, but these keepers pop up and press back to release the bag from the upper rail of a rack:
The upper clips w/ keepers

I’ve only ridden with this bag once so far…and only with a light load (a pair of dress shoes). In the coming weeks, I will put this bag through its paces, including some serious wet-weather testing to check the waterproofness of this bag.

So far, my only real gripe is the reflective patch on the back of the bag. There’s room on the back for a much more substantial reflector…something I’d like to see on this bag, since so many other pannier manufacturers put loads of reflective tape and patches on their bags.

The tiny reflective patch:
Tiny reflective patch

Stay tuned for more as I torture this bag!!! I’ve got to say, though, that this bag really looks like it can handle some serious punishment. We’ll see if I’m right, won’t we?

Visit Seattle Sports’ cycling products page for more details about their waterproof bags.


  1. Mike Myers

    I like the idea of reflective patches on the panniers. It seems like everybody does that. Attachment points for blinkies would be even better.

  2. Moe

    Interesting bike you have there Ghost… No one will steal it! and if some one does, you’ll find it right away!

  3. Ghost Rider

    It looks like you could use the compression strap as a place to hang a blinkie…

    Moe, are you badmouthing my bike? Within a week of being finished building it, someone DID try to steal it (I’m pretty sure that person was colorblind and had very poor taste).

    In any case, dig on those homemade mudflaps…you KNOW you want some!!!

  4. Moe

    Dude, I dig your bike… especially it’s license plate!

  5. Ghost Rider

    Ha ha…the license plate — my wife (Leah) and I found them both at a tourist trap over in Pass-a-grille, FL. Even though both our names aren’t terribly uncommon, we never found little plates with our names on ’em until that day — it was like fate directed us to go into that store!!

    Needless to say, Leah is rockin’ her plate on HER bike!!!

  6. RL Policar

    Man…lucky. I’ll NEVER EVER find a plate that has “RL” on it….psssh…that’s what I get for having a name with two consonants!

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