From the dumb ass Hall of Fame…

Laura gave us this heads up on this link from John Prolly’s Blog. His post is about what Congressman McHenry from NC thinks about democrats suggesting to ride a bike instead of driving a car:

Here’s a quote of what Congressman McHenry stated:

Oh, I cannot make this stuff up. Yes, the American people have heard this. Their answer to our fuel crisis, the crisis at the pumps, is: Ride a bike.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the Democrats, promoting 19th century solutions to 21st century problems. If you don’t like it, ride a bike. If you don’t like the price at the pumps, ride a bike

Thanks Laura for the comment and the link


  1. Nick

    Hah! John Prolly is a friend of mine.

  2. Ghost Rider

    Is he (your friend) the guy who makes occasional posts to Bike Snob NYC?

    This N.C. jackass is a real loser. So very sad!

  3. Nick

    The bike snob did rag on one of his bikes. Though, we agreed that his assessment of the bike its owner’s lifestyle were pretty accurate.

    Yeah, too bad that this McHenry guy has the wrong idea. What’s funny is that he’s calling bikes a “19th century solution to a 21st century problem”, somehow completely ignorant of the fact that the gasoline-powered automobile was also invented in the 19th century.

  4. john prolly

    Wait a second. Do you people actually think that I wrote that?

    Mr. can you PLEASE rephrase the quote from my blog to state that that is PATRICK MCHENRY’s quote and not mine? I received a number of ignorant and negative comments directed at ME, not this Republican McHenry.

    I ride about 120 miles a week and frankly I’m in great support of this new legislation. I only wish it offered a higher tax break.

    Nick [njs], Harbls my friend. Harbls.

    Yes I post to Bike Snob almost daily. For the most part he’s on point. But fuck dust caps.

  5. Nick

    Oh man, John, alternate online harbls!! Sorry they thought that was you. Come on, guys! I hate to think that people reading this site are so quick to plop down in their little office chairs with their scrunched up little angry faces writing angry comments and emails to a guy they don’t even know, without even bothering to take a look at the context. Disappointing.

  6. john prolly

    Imagine my mood coming home from RIDING to find an inbox filled with angry cyclist’s emails.

    not cool.

  7. Moe (Post author)

    Sorry John, I will re-word it…

  8. Nick

    Thanks, Moe!

  9. john prolly

    yes! liberation from the internet bullies !!11!!!1111

  10. Moe (Post author)

    I love those Vans by the way. Maiden Rules!

  11. john prolly

    yeah, they’re pretty rad. Cant wait for the “Number of the Beast” Vans to drop.

  12. db

    Here’s a thread on that speech.

    Some people are too stupid to describe, really.

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