Hope for the Tampa Bay Bicycle Commuter

If you’re a bicycle commuter in the Tampa Bay area, things can feel pretty lonely at times. There’s only about 6 daily commuters in our area (just joking!), and there isn’t much in the way of moral support around these parts.

But wait, there’s hope!
Tampa BayCycle homepage

Tampa BayCycle is a joint effort between the New North Transportation Alliance (Julie Bond, the executive director, is one of our featured commuters) and the Tampa Downtown Partnership, as well as a host of other corporate sponsors. This organization has provided the Bay Area commuter a wonderful resource for advocacy, communication and information exchange, and recently wrapped up their first year’s “Commuter Challenge”, where riders were encouraged to recruit fellow bike commuters or newbies in exchange for the chance to win prizes. They even had a kickass party to celebrate their first Bike To Work Month, where activists were invited to enjoy pizza, billiards, bowling and prize raffles (my wife and I both won light sets for our bikes and I won a Cateye wireless computer — very cool).

In June, Tampa BayCycle rolled out their very own blog, which is geared towards providing the Tampa area commuter another way to communicate amongst themselves and to spotlight local news, commuter profiles and other information of interest to bicyclists. It’s a great resource, and you should check it out and add comments…let’s get some traffic headed their way (after all, they did put a permalink to on their blog site)!!

Tampa BayCycle Blog homepage

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  1. Charles Stepp

    I’m a Tampa native. When I was a kid I used my bike to get everywhere in my neighborhood. My school had 2 sets of bike racks, one in front of the school and one in back. They were full. But it’s been all down hill (hmmm…maybe that should be up hill for bicyclists) since then.

    I rode 11 1/2 miles to where I work and back the other day just to see what if would be like. I used a cheap ol’ Huffy single speed bike. That I’m writing this is a miracle. I need a bike with gears, suspension and toughness. Fortunately, our buses can carry up to 2 bikes on the front of them, so I may end up being a partial bike commuter.

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