Craigslist and Burning Man

here’s this event called Burning Man that happens on the last week of August in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Bikes are the preferred method of transportation on the ‘Playa’.

Burning Man Bike, does this look like a freaking Magna???

Like clockwork, a huge amount of ‘Burning Man bikes’ surface on CraigsList LA. Most of these bikes are Discount Store bicycles that have been left out in the yard and what not. I’m all into recycling, but calling a piece of shit bike a ‘Burning Man’ Bike for the sake of selling it, it’s just plain ludicrous.

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  1. Xander Pepper

    Hey…that’s me!!! I call it the Megacycle and it might actually have some Magna parts in it. It rolls on 44×12 truck tires and has a 3-speed hub integrated into the jackshaft. Because of the short wheel base it is amazingly maneuverable, however, it throws the rider fore and aft when riding over big bumps. Once your mounted its a sweet ride and pretty easy to peddle despite the 250lb weight minus the rider.

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