Reasons why a commuter decides to drive

1. I have a meeting to go to and its far.
2. I have a meeting and I need to dress nice (suit and stuff)
3. I need to pick up a big piece of furniture.
4. My tires are flat and I don’t have any tubes or patches.
5. It’s too hot.
6. It’s too cold.
7. It’s raining.
8. I’m running late.
9. I’m sore from yesterday’s bike commute.
10. I have to go to the grocery store after work.

I’m sure you folks have some other ones to add. So feel free to chip in your reasons why you have to drive.


  1. b3ksmith

    I’m too sore after my brazilian jiu jitsu class to ride the 8 miles home.

  2. RL

    I’d get too sick from riding my bike after eating at the buffet…

  3. Brandon

    I wore out my drivetrain from bike commuting, and my bike is in the shop…

    I can’t carry my kayak on my bike (yet).

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