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Lance, Anthony (not pictured) and I headed to Seal Beach for a quick 30 mile ride. Lance is testing the KHS Flite 300, so we wanted to see how it would perform as a recreational road bike. As usual, I take my KHS F20-R for these rides. The bike always commands attention, but today I had a roadie ask me the following:

Q. What would the bike like to be when it grows up?
A. The bike doesn’t need to grow up, it is able to keep up with the bigger bikes.
Q. (To Lance) Aren’t you embarrassed of being seen riding with this guy (me)?
A. mmmmphhh (biting my lips so I won’t say what a pompous a$$ the guy is)

Anyhow, I can’t blame the guy for being bitter, could it be that he is still frustrated at the Tour de France fiasco? or maybe that Landis was found guilty? or maybe he forgot to take his EPO this morning…

In times like this, I’m proud to say that I’m a Bike Commuter first, a Mountain Biker Second, and a roadie last.

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  1. Logan

    There’s only one way to handle a situation like that. Say, “look, there goes Lance!” to distract him and then punch him in the balls.

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