Interbike Day 1 -Jango-

Well, we are here at Interbike. This is my first time coming to the BIG show and so far there has been one company that has really grabbed my attention: Jango.

This company has basically designed a ‘plug and play’ bicycle, you can add all sorts of accessories, racks and bags to the bikes easily.

The bikes are designed to be a ‘do it all’ types of bikes, from a relax ride at the beach to a high mileage tour.

Here’s another neat feature, simply write in your name, detach it from the card, insert it inside the head badge. The cool thing is, you CAN’T remove the head badge! Keep an eye for Jango bikes in early ‘08.


  1. Joe C-CA

    I have had my 7.1 (front suspension; 700 C Size XL)for a couple of weeks now. I was impressed with the concept and it took me a while to find a seller. I did, Crosslake Sales. I have found the bike to be very very well built; strong, agile and I love the ports to plug-n-play accessories. There is a utilitarian approach to this bike, functionality outweighs style-although to me the bike is quite stylish. I found the saddle (another Topeak brand) to be a little small and the peddals needed to be upgraded. Otherwise, nothing needs to be changed. I was able to assemble it (it was shipped shop ready, but anyone who can handle an allen wrench should be fine). It is fast, stops on a dime (with the disc brakes) and they have thought of everything that a casual city rider would want. I am so happy that I am now buying my wife the womens version and I am glad that even though we will have matching bikes, we will at least have different colors as the womens is white and the mens is silver. The blue that is available in the mountain bikes-is a great color and I wish that was available for the hybrid. List is around $1,200 and I was able to grab it for under $500. This is a 2009, but whomever in the US takes this bike in inventory (especially in San Francisco) would make a mint. Such a great bike for such a great price. The shifting is smooth as butter, the bike has everything a city rider would want. I suggest you get it if you are thinking about it…C’mon Topeak, focus on the US as a market for this bike if you want to sell em!

  2. Alan Hsu


    I have Jango hybrid Bike that I bought about a years ago from Ebay and recently I lock my front brake and can’t release it, I believe I need a key to release but I can’t find it from the package that send (with the bike) to me. Do you know where I can but this key.


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