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The awesome people from C.I.C.L.E will be offering a traffic basics class this Saturday. If you are a person that is afraid to ride on the streets or want to start riding your bike to work, this class is a must for you!!!

This class is limited to 12 people, so be sure to call or email to reserve your spot. Email: info(at) or call 323-478-0060

Click here for more details.



    I’ve taken the Road 1 course that Cicle is offering from another great Bike League instructor, Chris Quint. Even as a more experienced commuter I was able to get tons out of it.

    When I took it, we practiced some maneuvers like dodging obstacles, quick turns and emergency stops. There was also riding on actual streets to practice things that I learned in the classroom portion.

    This is the closest thing there is to driver’s ed you’ll get for your bike. It was good to have certain things I learned from experience validated by someone else. I think most commuters sorta learn but groping blindly.

    Highly recommend++++

  2. B. Saavedra

    I haven’t ridden a bike in 10 years…where are there lessons for individuals like me. I want to ride for fun not to work. Thanks.

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