Bamboo Fixie

This one of a kind fixie belongs to our friend Steve Boehmke. This bike is a fixed gear bamboo bike from Calfee Design, it was being personalized as we arrived at Steve’s booth. When we asked him how it rode, he said like nothing he ever ridden; smooth, stiff, but with dampening properties. Look out for Steve riding this bike on the streets of Fullerton, CA.


  1. jeff

    holy sweetness! i call dibs on that if they ever build a production model and want to review it!

  2. Lance

    I just saw the Calfee cyclocross bike at a local race. Most beautiful bike i’ve ever seen.

  3. Fritz

    “production model” — Calfee is a custom shop; they’ll build it up however you want.

    Calfee is down the street from where I live. I see this guy around town in Palo Alto on my commute sometimes.

  4. lexspruit

    im ganna bild one towe nexed year vrom a old kogamyata frame i both for 5 euro 10 dollar zize 54 cm with carbon parts it wil cost 1102 euros i wand erospoke weels on it but wat glu do u juse towe combin the mettel with thee bambo ? my curend bike is a ritly fixedgear confurchun wit welded niew weel mounts ? on the rear black wit silfer pinstriping end syurly schimano italy parts cost sovar 220 euros happy day lex spruit the netterlands holland nederland nl europa amsterdam/deventer plz help wanted mail my at :

  5. Max

    Lex jurr fiksed geer iz verie kutt

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