Interbike 2007: KHS Bicycles Offering a Women Specific Road Bike

Here’s Vince Calvillo talking about the new Women Specific Designed Road Bike.


  1. Duke

    Is this just a resized mens frame? or did they do some R&D for women’s specific dimensions?
    I will be purchasing my wife a roady come Jan. 08.
    I really want her to have an actual bike built for her and not for short men.

  2. KHS M.I.C.

    The Flite 720L model has the same geometry as the standard Flite 720. The difference is the 720L has a women’s saddle, shorter stem and a narrow handlebar. Oh yeah..And the pretty paint job!


  3. RL Policar

    Thanks Mr. Vince “Hot N’ Sexy” Rodarte for taking time out of your busy day to answer the question!


  4. Lance

    Men can’t handle that caliber of pretty! Nice to see another womens bike out there. Fems want to ride too.

  5. daisy Yanson

    All bikers are invited to join this event on Mar 28-30, 2008. pls visit our website at


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