Interbike 2007: Sweetskinz Tires

Check out some of the new designs that are due to come out in 2008 from Sweetskinz.

We all know the classic Scorch, I have those on my Xtracycle.

Here’s the new Skinz. Things like Hibiscus, Digi Camo and a Patriotic Red white and blue (not shown)

Nice kid’s tires.


  1. Priscilla

    i love the new girly patterns!!!! 😀

  2. Russ Roca

    any in 700x25ish?

  3. LLrider

    Digging the digi-camo! Ya, i was wondering if they have a skinnier reflective tire for road too. That would be a perfect commute tire, what with the time change coming up.

  4. RL Policar

    I asked about road tires and 29er tires, basically what they want to do is have one of the bigger named tire companies to press the Skinz on their tires.

    So if Maxxis or Kenda wants to beautify their tires, then that’s where Sweetskinz can come in. They apply the SKinz on any of their tires…bmx, 29er, mtn, road …you name it. But some one has to buy into it….

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