Spot Brand Belt Drive Fixed Gear

Here’s another bike that caught my attention:

This fixie is based on a Mountain Bike Frame instead of a Track or Road frame and it has a belt driven drivetrain. The cool thing is that this bike can handle light off-road trails. We are hoping to test one of these babies soon.


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  2. FlynRyan

    That bike looks pretty cool I’d like to own for the simple fact of it being belt driven. I wonder what the diffrence in weight is between belt and chain. And also what the life expectancy of the belt is. That would be a cool test over a years time commuting.29er or industry standard DubSixr ?

  3. Khoa

    I rode the Spot Bike with the Carbon drivetrain and afterwards that’s all I could think about. I’m sold on the bike. I’m seriously considering getting one personally. Just not sure my legs and lungs can handle a single speed.

  4. Richard

    Do you need to carry a spare belt on long trips? What do you do if the belt needs servicing on a long ride? Where are you going to get a new belt?

  5. MKOM

    The belts are the same technology as those used on high performance motorcycles, so I don’t think you have to worry about breaking them.

  6. Dirtpo

    I’ve talked to an engineer at Spot Bicycles and studied their website and independent reviews. These are very cool machines. Belts last much longer than chains and weigh a fraction. Obviously, they don’t come apart like a chain, so at the rear hub drive-side intersection of the seat and chain stays, there is a piece that is removable to let the belt into the triangle. Also, of course, derailleurs don’t work with a belt, but internal hubs do. They’ve already put one on a cyclocross and a commuter bike, and mountain bikes are coming. And I’m sure pushing internal hubs into the performance market will encourage manufacturers to make them lighter and stronger.

  7. Jimmy V. ~

    These bikes rock! I just bought one from “Mad Duck” bikes in Grapevine, TX. They are building it for me and it should be ready by the end of next week! I am totally sold on the durability, longevity, and dependability!

    He said you’re looking at 5000 miles on the belt and you can not make it slip or come lose what so ever!!!

    The down side is they’re not cheap. Then again, nothing different, new, quality, or custom is rarely cheap. If you’re looking for cheap then stick with Wal-Mart gear.

    Jimmy V. ~

  8. Sam

    Fixed gear mountain biking is crazy. f8cycles makes a fixed gear for city use. Not sure if they make mountain bikes or not. They do custom, so they might.

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