They are two utes

What’s a ute? (Brings back memories of My Cousin Vinny, doesn’t it). Here are a couple of Utilitarian oriented bikes that I spotted at Interbike:

The Kona Ute

and the Yuba El Mundo

We also chatted with the guys from Xtracycle, turns out, Kipchoge and his band will go on a 5,000 mile bike tour!


  1. Ghost Rider

    I hear the Kona version isn’t compatible with existing Xtracycle components…what about the Yuba? Can you shed any light on this?

    Either way, though, it is cool to see more companies taking a utility bike concept more seriously.

  2. Moe (Post author)

    The Yuba El Mundo isn’t compatible with Xtracycle components either. Here’s the link for El Mundo:

  3. RL Policar


    The only thing out there that is compatible with the Xtracycle is the Surly Big Dummy.

  4. Joel

    So was the big dummy not included in the post for any particular reason? Wondering, not being a smart a$$.

  5. Moe (Post author)

    We have covered the Big Dummy before, (see our Sea Otter Coverage in and if you recall, Joe Pesci said “They are two yuts” not “They are three yuts” that would have killed the whole pun.

  6. Mike Myers

    I applaud Kona for bringing another longbike to the market—-but what’s the deal with those dinky little panniers? The Xtracycle system allows you to carry long boxes and a ton of groceries—EASILY. Making things easy and transparent is the key to acceptance. Maybe Kona’s going to bring out their own stuff…

  7. Ghost Rider

    As much as I like the idea of more “longbikes” on the market, I wish these companies had designed their bikes to use the Xtracycle equipment — it is already receiving acceptance in the community and so far sounds like a pretty foolproof and capable system…why dilute the market and create MORE standards at the same time? Doesn’t the cycling world already have too many so-called “standards” — which are better known as “incompatibilities”?

  8. eddy

    Here’s the site for Kona’s Ute:
    The tiny panniers look even more ridiculous here. It doesn’t have a rear fender, which is weird, especially if you plan to cart people around on it. It looks like a prototype that they decided to throw into production.

  9. Rob Bushill

    The Yuba is available in the Uk now, ute will be here soon. good useful bikes, i take your point about extracycle components, but its just really good that there are now practical choices off the peg. neither the ute or the big dummy are not available in the UK in big numbers so the chance of seeing either of them on the street is slim. The Yuba is really taking longtails seriously, great that Kona are giving it a go. Longtails are the future of cycling for transport (imo)

  10. John G

    Kudos to Kona for building a production-scale longbike. These are really useful bikes and it’s great to see them on the market.

    But, it does seem a peculiar decision not to use Xtracycle components. There is alrady a large loyal market for Xtracycle, why try to convert these customers?

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