Lone Peak Saddle Bags

I’m a huge fan of panniers, so when I saw Lone Peak‘s Booth at Interbike we stopped to check it out.

This pannier is sort of ‘business oriented, it’s designed to carry your laptop and some other office necessities.

The neat thing about this pannier is it’s ‘hideaway’ strapping system. Simply roll the cover down and zip it up, that simple.

Here’s another neat pannier from Lone Peak, it’s a garment pannier. How many people use the excuse about not riding to work because their clothing becomes wrinkled on their backpack or other pannier? This Pannier is the solution.

The garment pannier’s 2300 ci volume has plenty of room to carry other necessities for your commute. Stay tuned, we maybe getting one of these panniers to put them through our rigorous testing.


  1. Ghost Rider

    I really like the idea of those garment panniers…perfect for folks who need to take a load of “fancy clothes” to work to cover them for the week.

    Performance Bike has a version of this on sale RIGHT NOW (just got the flyer in the mail yesterday).

  2. Nord

    Send that bad boy my way, I’d be happy to give it the freelance bicycling lawyer treatment and see if its worth its mettle!

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