Fixed Gear Friday: 2008 Redline 9-2-5

We have posted pictures of the new Redline 9-2-5 before. Personally, I didn’t care for the color scheme, but when I actually saw the Redline 9-2-5 at the SBS booth it totally changed my mind.

The bike looks really classy and the bullhorn handlebars basically say “I dare you to ride me hard and fast”. Equipped with fenders, this bike is also ready to tackle rainy weather. If you are in the market for a fixed gear commuter bike, you should consider the New Redline 9-2-5.


  1. Ghost Rider

    I like the color scheme…but seriously, bullhorns with fenders? That offends my aesthetic sensibilities — like so many of the bikes on Velospace, where someone will either put fenders on a classic track frame or hang a bunch of expensive NJS parts on a janky 3-speed frame (Nitto drop-quill stem and AA123s on a Raleigh touring frame). Mixing genres is tacky!!!

  2. Lance

    I actually wish my 925 came with bullhorns. I’m always in that postion on my drops.

    I LOVE my 925 and I’d have to say the bullhorns are an improvement from the previous moustache bars, but maybe not in the looks department. I think that was Redline’s response to a lot of reviews that knocked the mustache bars as being uncomfortable.

  3. Ghost Rider

    I rock a pair of salvaged 9-2-5 moustache bars on one of my bikes…ain’t nearly as comfortable as a lot of folks told me they would be. I LIKE bullhorns, but I just don’t like the way they look with fenders — but then again, none of my bikes are worth looking at, either! Function over form, right?

  4. Moe (Post author)

    My KHS F20-R comes with bullhorns and I love them. However, I opted for flat bars on my Swobo Sanchez Fixed gear bike. And you guys are right, those mustache bars kind of sucked.

  5. steve

    I’m less perplexed by the bull horn/ fenders mix than I’m by the track fork end/ fender mix. I would hate to have to change the rear tube in a rush with that set-up. Forward facing horizontal dropouts are better for riding with fenders in my opinion.

  6. Mike

    Anyone know what the pricing is?

  7. Ghost Rider

    Steve’s got a great point — track ends and fenders are a tough mix, especially if you have fat tires in there. Pulling the wheel off to change a tube can become a real nightmare.

    But, you know, track fork ends are what’s hot right now…no one wants those “old fogey” forward dropouts!

  8. Quinn

    Anyone know the brand of those bullhorns or know of a good pair to get?

    I just put a pair of cut-drop bullhorns on my jake, but I think the are going to be to short.

  9. RL Policar

    Dude, I’d get one of those real quick! Not that I don’t love my old 925, but that one is just way sweet looking.

  10. Ghost Rider


    there are so many bullhorns available…it really depends on what you’re willing to pay! I know that Nitto, Cinelli, FSA, Oval Concepts and a bunch of others make great bullhorns. I really like RL’s link to that cheap Nashbar model, though (in another post).

  11. Roman Holiday

    Bullhorns – all 1-gear bikes need them. Take your old drop handlebars: Flip & clip.

  12. RL Policar

    I spoke to the folks at SBS(Redline) and the list price is $499.

  13. Dave Q.

    Honestly, the moustache bars aren’t the most comfortable things on the planet…living in Tucson, I don’t really need the fenders either. However there is something to be said for style, so for now I’ll slap a little extra padding on the bars and stick the fenders on e-bay (let me know if ya want ’em). We’ve got a bike swap meet coming in April…who knows what cool parts will be available then?

  14. ragged claws

    This is a kind of delayed response/question for this thread, but would you all–or anyone–agree that mustache bars are more comfortable on longer rides (more than 30 minutes) than flat bars?

  15. Ghost Rider

    Chris, you already know my answer…”yes”. Flat bars give you one or two hand positions (if you’ve got barends), at best, while mustache bars give me at least three if not more. At the ends, in the hooks, draped over the brake lever bodies, etc.

  16. sam

    Some mustache bars might give you three or more hand positions, but not the ones that used to come with the 925. The bend was too sharp to be comfortable for your hand. There are good mustache bars around, and redline’s weren’t them.

  17. Guillaume

    Aesthetics are crap. This bike model has a lot of potential, they just need to get it together. Bars with variety, not looks, horizontal drops, more clearance for tires and fenders.

    It’s a relatively cheap bike that could be improved. The frame is great, and the company is solid.

    The kind of bike the world wants.

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