Bull Horns for your bike

Since Moe posted the new pictures of the 2008 925(scroll down). There’s been some talk about bull horns. Here’s an inexpensive pair…around $22 from Nashbar.

Here’s a matching brake lever.


  1. Joe

    Do you have to use some sort of a specific brake lever with the bullhorns?

  2. Ghost Rider

    Joe, you can use a regular road brake lever (as long as the diameter of the bar is the standard 26.0mm), but the angle and position of that lever will leave something to be desired. The brake lever shown above is a far better solution.

  3. Quinn

    What’s the best way to use/run gears/shifters with bullhorns?

  4. Moe

    I use shimano STI shifter/levers on my F20-R.

  5. Ghost Rider

    Here’s a picture of Moe’s setup:

    Moe, what kind of bullhorns do you have on that F20-R? Are they “chop ‘n’ flops” (which are widely criticized by snobs but plenty comfortable)?

  6. RL Policar (Post author)

    Here’s how I had my bull horns set up.

  7. Moe

    The bullhorns are made specifically for that bike. They are Powertools, KHS’ house brand.

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