My $8.00 Knickers

Ok first of all they are not CAPRIS, they are KNICKERS!

Now that we have that established, I want to show off my new KNICKERS. I went to the local Goodwill and found these bad boys.

I’m going to take a wild guess that these might be for women, but who cares, I paid $8, not $100 for them!


  1. Lyle

    I wonder if anyone has considered that the whole bike messenger knicker fad was created because nobody was smart enough to market chain guards (in the US, that is)?

  2. Ghost Rider

    Chain guards are not “cool” enough for many Americans…the way that most other practical cycling accessories aren’t accepted because they don’t fit our perceived love of all things sleek and fashionable.

  3. Randy Policar

    I see you desperately trying to bring sexy back. Are you getting ready for Halloween or something?

  4. Quinn

    Wow, you bought the expensive ones! I normally get em for $4

  5. Ghost Rider

    Girl pants!

  6. Gunnar

    Knickers make great fall and spring wear. They still allow a breeze, but keep your knees warm. I can wear ’em till riding till temps get to about 25-30 degrees.

    On a similar topic, Goodwill, Savers and the Salvation Army stores are great places to find riding gear. Not the stuff that’s made for cycling, but stuff that works great for cycling. Instead of forking over $100 bucks for a wool jersey from a hipster SF company, I get a second hand LS wool sweatershirt or sweater for $5. Same material, same functionality. Oh, there’s no rear pockets. So buy two, cut the second one to sew pockets on.

  7. db

    +1 on thrift stores. I’ve got lots of knickers/cargo shorts that I bought as regular pants, hacked off part of the legs, and then re-hemmed. You don’t even need a sewing machine to hem pants – you can sew by hand, or you can use a heat-activated tape that you affix by using a regular iron.

  8. Max

    Actually they are “Manpris”, but seriously knickers are everywhere in Europe and have been for the past few years. As usual we’ll all be wearing them soon in the USA, we are always a couple years behind in fashion.

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