A New Excuse to Ride My Bike

Today I discovered a new and altogether great excuse to put some more miles on my bike. My son started his first day of school today! He’s in the Florida voluntary pre-Kindergarten program…they got a late start this year, but today’s events are his first steps down a long road — education ROCKS!

I figured I’d bring him in style today — riding my singlespeed “Patriot”, adorned with Sweetskinz “Nightwing” tires. Grey rides in a Nashbar trailer — he’s getting a little too big for it, but until he’s got the skills to navigate his new trail-a-bike, this is what he’s stuck with.

The school chariot

The ride to school is only a hair over a mile and a half…silly to fire up the car for such a short drive, and there is a nice, quiet residential street to take him there and back. I do have a short stretch on the sidewalk, which sucks, but otherwise I’d have to dodge the crazies in their cars on one of the worst traffic streets in Tampa (Nebraska Avenue, home of the transvestite hookers).

Alright, let’s make sure all the gear is there: got your helmet? Check. Got your lunchbag? Check. Got some clean underpants? Check! Let’s DO THIS!!

Let's do this thing!

Of course, everyone else brought their kids via giant, gas-sucking SUV. Dammit! I talked to a couple parents, and many of them live even closer than I do!! That’s a bummer.

Finally, here is a picture of some of the other kids in his class…and his teacher, Ms. Perez. Let’s pray that our boy is well-behaved — he can be a wild one!

School time!  Education ROCKS!


  1. Priscilla

    That’s awesome Jack! He’s a cutie. When I ride my girls to school on bike..the other kids at the school treat us like we’re superstars. Sooo funny. They are run up and say oh wow i love your bike..that’s sooo cool..that’s awesome. Hoping other parents will catch on one day. 🙂

  2. OMAR

    Enough with the cute children pictures. Make with the Nebraska Avenue pics, stat.

  3. Ghost Rider

    Omar, you want some transvestite hooker pictures, you’ll have to come over to my house and take them yourself. I’ll introduce you to “LT” and “her” gang. You remember the way over here, right?

    Thanks, Priscilla — I got a similar reaction from the kids today when I picked my son up. They were all “coool bike!” Even one of the teachers said “that is AWESOME that you pick your child up by bike!” It made me feel good!

  4. Lance

    Way to brown bag it Grey! Stay away from that school food. blekkhh!!

  5. db

    Got some clean underpants? Check!

    That’s one rule too many, Jack.

  6. Ghost Rider

    Not a rule, just a checklist.

    Didn’t your momma tell you to have clean underpants on in case something happened to you while you were away from the house?

  7. Gabriel

    He’s adorable!

    We get a similar response when my wife drops the kids off on the bike in St. Pete – the 6-year-old gets out of the trailer at school for first grade, then the 4 year old goes elsewhere for pre-K, and the 2-year old is along for the ride. But arriving by bike definitely makes the kids instant celebrities. I occasionally get to pick up our 6-year-old, and the kids are nuts for the bike! The real shame is that every time I’m there, the school’s bike rack is empty.

  8. db

    Didn’t your momma tell you to have clean underpants on in case something happened to you while you were away from the house?

    She did, which is why I stopped wearing it altogether…

  9. Greg Raisman

    Riding to school is the way to go!

    Check out how we do it here in Portland:

  10. db

    Uh-oh, The Patriot is getting some “love” over at BikeSnob NYC.

  11. Nord

    Daggone it, db got to it first! I trust the chain tensioner and brakes might keep the true wrath of the bikesnob at bay…

  12. Ghost Rider

    For f#%ks sake…it is a singlespeed mountain bike. Not a fixed gear. It has a FREEWHEEL-based bike on a frame with vertical dropouts. Therefore, it requires TWO brakes and a chain tensioner. Anyone with any sense could have read the description right on Velospace.

    The comments on BSNYC are funny and I’m sure are meant well…after all, this WAS intended as a joke bike and one to dazzle the senses, both day and night.

  13. Moe

    I would still hide my kid from social services though…

  14. RL Policar

    I showed my kids your bike Jack and they all loved it. They said…”cool!”

  15. Ghost Rider

    Yeah, that was a low comment…it ain’t child abuse when your child had a hand in selecting the scheme…he LOVES that bike and wishes his was just like it!!

    Besides, all the other kids at his school think it’s the coolest bike they’ve ever seen…so there!!!

  16. Ghost Rider

    RL, your kids obviously have EXCELLENT taste!

    Parent-tested, kid approved!

  17. db

    I pointed out that the kids thought it was cool on the BSNYC comments, Jack, but it was mostly ignored. Glad you went out there to help some of the morons learn the difference between an SS and fixed. Some of those guys should probably be fixed as well, like my dog. 😉

  18. Ghost Rider

    db, thanks for covering my back! I appreciate the few positive comments (and laughed at the negatives — it’s all in good fun).

    Funny how the “fixie-heads” get all up in arms when negative comments are made…and they don’t even have sense enough to understand the differences between SS and fixed-gear! A bunch of girl-pants-wearing hipster doofuses, I say.

  19. Lisa

    I love it Jack! I bet Grey is really diggin’ on the fact that he gets to cruise with you to school everyday!

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