Helmet conditioned me…

This morning I had to drop of Priscilla’s car at the dealership to get some warranty work. They have a shuttle service but I brought my Redline 925 so I can ride it back home. As I unloaded my bike I realized that I didn’t bring my helmet.

The dealership was a good 9 miles from my home and I had to ride on some busy streets. As I rode my bike home I did feel very insecure not having my helmet on. I felt naked without it. Kinda like how it feels when you forget your watch or wedding ring.

Anyhow, I realized that my insecurity was caused by my years of wearing a helmet. Let me explain, when I’m on my bike I always wear a helmet. Now that I didn’t have one on my head, all I could think about was my head getting bashed in. But when I am wearing a helmet, I don’t even think about it. So perhaps when I don’t wear my helmet, I’m more distracted because I’m preoccupied with nasty thoughts of my noggin getting mushed on the ground.

What’s the moral of the story…don’t forget your helmet. Cuz if you do, all you’ll think about is your helmet. Which makes you distracted and paying less attention to the road ahead.


  1. Moe

    I feel the same way when I ride without a helmet…

    but then you kind of start to like the fresh feeling of the breeze cooling your head…

    Cooling vs Safety, mmmm. I still choose to be hot…

  2. Mike Myers

    I was an occasional helmet wearer. I wore mine on my long, heavily trafficked commute, but I’d wear a cycling cap around town. That is, until I got hit in the head with a truck mirror. Now I wear it all the time. It saved my life, or at least saved me from a life of brain damage.

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