now that’s a good smoothie

One of the problems I consistently run into while bike commuting revolves around hunger. I have a sizable breakfast every morning before I get ready to leave my place. I pack a good lunch with a few smaller snacks to make sure I have enough to eat during the day. But I always hit a morning snag. I have tried eating a larger breakfast before I leave for work, but then my stomach is way too full and it is uncomfortable while on the bike.

And then I thought of a solution – bring a smoothie. But that brought up a new problem – how to keep it cold. Finally, I feel I have solved this problem.

This morning, I made a smoothie as I prepared my lunch for the day and poured it into one of my many water bottles.

While I finished getting ready for my morning commute, I put the water bottle in the freezer. Once I was ready to go, I grabbed the bottle and dropped it into my insulated water bottle holder that I picked up at a local REI store. These things are a great investment, especially if you spend any amount of time outdoors in the summer – or if you just live in Arizona.

Once I got to work this morning, I pull out the water bottle, and my smoothie was still frozen like a smoothie should be. It made for a great morning-starter instead of the usual coffee.


  1. Quinn October 10, 2007 11:53 pm 

    Try Whey protein shakes, take a weeks worth in a container to work, add the powder and water a shake, instant meal.

  2. Lance October 11, 2007 7:11 am 

    Hey Jeff, How do you fit the bottle into the bottle holder while you’re riding(considering it’s in the insulated holder)? Or do you just store it in a pannier or something?

  3. Jeff Rossini October 11, 2007 7:49 am 

    ahh yes…lance, good question. i actually just stuff the entire thing into my backpack. that is a detail i forgot to mention.

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