now that’s a good smoothie

One of the problems I consistently run into while bike commuting revolves around hunger. I have a sizable breakfast every morning before I get ready to leave my place. I pack a good lunch with a few smaller snacks to make sure I have enough to eat during the day. But I always hit a morning snag. I have tried eating a larger breakfast before I leave for work, but then my stomach is way too full and it is uncomfortable while on the bike.

And then I thought of a solution – bring a smoothie. But that brought up a new problem – how to keep it cold. Finally, I feel I have solved this problem.

This morning, I made a smoothie as I prepared my lunch for the day and poured it into one of my many water bottles.

While I finished getting ready for my morning commute, I put the water bottle in the freezer. Once I was ready to go, I grabbed the bottle and dropped it into my insulated water bottle holder that I picked up at a local REI store. These things are a great investment, especially if you spend any amount of time outdoors in the summer – or if you just live in Arizona.

Once I got to work this morning, I pull out the water bottle, and my smoothie was still frozen like a smoothie should be. It made for a great morning-starter instead of the usual coffee.


  1. Ghost Rider

    Even better than that would be to make your smoothie WHILE YOU RIDE!!

  2. Quinn

    Try Whey protein shakes, take a weeks worth in a container to work, add the powder and water a shake, instant meal.

  3. Lance

    Hey Jeff, How do you fit the bottle into the bottle holder while you’re riding(considering it’s in the insulated holder)? Or do you just store it in a pannier or something?

  4. Jeff Rossini

    ahh yes…lance, good question. i actually just stuff the entire thing into my backpack. that is a detail i forgot to mention.

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