Bike Shops that suck

I was reading that a lot of Bike Shops suck on one of my cycling newsletters. They ran a poll and they found out that out of 2100 people that answered, 35% say they “frequently” encounter poor treatment in shops, 25% say “occasionally”, 13% say “rarely”,18% say their local shop is “the greatest” when it comes to customer service.

One of my LBSs is closing it’s doors this month; I attribute it to poor customer service and lack of parts. The shop was run by 2 young guys that would be too busy on the internet or too busy watching videos. Whenever I would ask for parts, 90% of the time they would be out of stock. Their attitude was also pathetic, sometimes I would go in and out without ever being acknowledged. I understand that hiring young guys lowers the salary cap, but at the same time, if they are not motivated, they will kill the business. Sadly, I won’t miss that shop at all.