What is it with people in luxury cars…

So the other day I was in an affluent area of the OC, Newport Beach. Think of people driving Hummers, BMW, Land Rovers and Benz’. I’m at the light waiting for it to change green and I see this guy in a benz next to me. I made eye contact and waited for the light to turn green. Light changes, I start to pedal, he lunges forward, stops, looks at me, then punches the gas to cut me off!

So I yell like crazy to him and throw my hands up in the air out of indignation for his actions…I then ride along the street to see if I can find him lined up in all that traffic he just rushed into. I see him, I yell to him, “Why’d you cut me off? I had the right of way!!!!”

The douche looked at me and then quickly turned his head away to ignore me. Aye…what a jerk.

Then this morning when I was dropping off the kids at school, another benz driver was pulling out of the school parking lot. There are two clearly marked signs that say, “Right Turn Only, Buses Exempt.” So what does she do? Yup you guessed it, a left turn. As she’s doing that, she nearly rams another car that was right in front of her!


  1. Lance

    RRRR…you hit on one of my hot buttons RL. I’ve been cutoff twice this week, riding to work, by ladies in luxury cars who were also on their cell phones.

    When I stare them down in their rear view mirrors they just ignore me. After all they’ve got an important telephone call and they can’t bother with trivial nuissances like my life.

  2. LosFelizRider

    Mercedes drivers are the worst. Generally, they drive like they’re the only people on the road, or, put more precisely, like the road is there just for them.

    I find BMW drivers aren’t nearly as awful; many of them, while aggressive, are also very skilled drivers.

    But Mercedes-Benz! Might as well have a big sign plastered on the car “I DRIVE LIKE YOU DON’T EXIST”.

  3. Val

    Air Zound – the perfect wakeup call for oblivious drivers. 80db of obnoxious honk, at your fingertips, rechargeable with a normal bicycle pump, and so light you’ll never know it’s there – until you need it. Try it, you’ll love it!

  4. Quinn

    Also just this morning I was cut of by a B– (lady) in a caddy, you are right about the Benz driver although I have been cut off by a lot of luxury cars, I found something interestin though, its only the “mid-priced” lux cars,, every Ferarri, maybach,bently, maserati, that I have encountered, I have not had a problem with.

    1. no owner wants to wreck those cars.
    2. a lot of those cars are designed for racing or the Autoban(sp?)(I know benz are german,but the are also designed for the US market), Hence they fly like a bat outta hell, and the driver Has to know what they are doing.

  5. RL Policar


    You’ve got a point, the C230 coupe and sedans are more the entry level…anyone can get one of those for less than 28K. But you’re right, its the cars that are between 40-60k that have dumb drivers.

  6. Russ Roca

    Ha yeah…that reminds me of a time I was at a stoplight (first in line) and a guy in a Benz pulls up behind me and starts honking? WTF? I look back and he’s middle age, balding and in a nice looking suit going absolutely ape-poo.

    The person in the truck next to me and rolls down his window and looks back at him and says “what an a____.”

    When the light turns green, the Benz of course is tailgating me and when he finally gets a chance he cuts me off.

    My guess its a sense of entitlement (which seems to grow larger the deeper you are behind the orange curtain.) God forbid a person who owns a BenzLexusPorscheDummerJaguar has to wait behind someone on something as proletariat as a bicycle.

  7. Ghost Rider

    Russ sums it up beautifully…obviously, we bicycle riders are not the “glitterati”, at least according to the jerkoffs who drive luxury cars. To them, we’re just a bunch of poor, day-laboring drunks who lost our licenses somehow…

    Recent studies suggest, however, that bicycle commuters tend to be more affluent (and smarter!). Here’s an article to enlighten:

  8. Henry

    Hum, this is really interesting. I was cut-off the other day by a new luxury car (I didn’t catch the brand… since I don’t care about these things). I was in my CAR trying to make a right turn at a stop sign when he made a right turn around me!! Of course, I honk at him for being a SOB. On another note, I feel the most threaten when riding in Beverly Hills; I have been buzzed by so many times in that area. I guess a good majority of drivers of such vehicles do feel they own the road.

  9. Bill B

    Wow – I thought it was just me. I always say that Benz are second only to trucks (live in the South) in their lack of concern for bikes. I’ve had them drift over next to me in a very wide bike lane a number of times.

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