I’ve Been Slimed!

The folks from Slime recently sent some products for us to try — a “care package”, if you will, of goodies to keep us safe on the road.

I got a selection of pre-filled tubes to try out, a bottle of Slime Sealant and a nifty digital tire gauge.


The tubes went in without a hitch — and they’re pre-filled with that lovely green goop, so there is no mess to speak of. I installed these tubes on my dedicated commuter bike which runs 26″ x 1.25″ slicks. Although I haven’t intentionally ridden over anything to test the puncture resistance (and subsequent sealing) properties of the tubes, I do go through some rough areas where there is a lot of broken glass and bits of metal in the road, and I haven’t gotten a flat yet!

I also got a bottle of Slime tube sealant — enough to fill two fat 26″ MTB tubes. I treated my “Bike Snob Disapproved” Patriot MTB to this treatment, since I depend on this bike to get my son to school on time.


Getting the Slime sealant into the tubes was fairly easy — the sealant packaging even comes with a valve core remover! I did have a problem once I got the valve cores back in, though. I discovered that the cores “goop up” and prevent the tire from reinflating unless they are cleaned. To prevent this from happening, clean the inside of the rubber valve with a cotton swab before you reinsert the valve core. Luckily, I have a drawer at home full of punctured tubes waiting to be patched, so I just salvaged clean cores from a couple of them and was on my way in no time.

Again, I haven’t intentionally tried to pop one of these self-treated tubes either…but I just might one of the these days to see how the Slime works! I have noticed, though, that on these and the pre-filled tubes that I don’t have to add air to my tires as often, and I have also noticed that there is no difference in “feel” as the tires roll along the ground. I was expecting some wobbling or something, but apparently the Slime coats the tube evenly with no puddling. It pays to ride around the block a couple times just after you fill your tubes to help distribute the goop around the inside of the tubes.

Finally, I have used the digital tire gauge a few times — the tip and digital display light up for nighttime pressure checks! The gauge appears fairly accurate…the readings match both my tire pump gauge and a traditional “sliding stick” tire gauge. The Slime gauge fits nicely in my hand and has a rubbery gripping surface. Best of all, it has an auto shutoff feature so I don’t burn through the batteries!


These products are certainly worth a try, even for added peace of mind. I’ll report back in a few weeks after I devise some terrifying ways of really testing the puncture-sealing abilities of these products! Back to the Secret Laboratory — surely there’s a box of thumbtacks in there that I could sprinkle on the street?

secret lab


  1. Logan

    Hope you have better results than I did.

  2. RL Policar

    I’ve had Slime on my Big Red Bike and I remember running over some stuff and saw some green goo come out…but it sealed up the hole.

  3. Todd

    Have you noticed any change in the ride quality? I’ve heard others say that Slime makes their wheels feel heavier, slower and/or clunkier.

  4. Ghost Rider

    Well, a dose of Slime only adds 4 oz. to the weight of the tire. If we mortals can notice a mere 4 oz., we’ve got bigger problems! I am convinced that this perceived feeling of heaviness you mention is the placebo effect — I certainly haven’t noticed a difference (although I must admit that both bikes in the above article are tanks — the dedicated commuter rig weighs around 50 lb.).

    I was actually expecting it to have a “wobble spot” from the goop settling down into the bottom of the tire, but I was sure to ride around the block a few times to distribute it right after I put it into the tubes.

  5. Quinn

    I refuse to use the goop, I have tried it a few times before, its too much trouble!

    May I suggest Mr. Tuffys tire liner, works as well, if not better than Slime (last year I rode 1500+ miles in 9 months with out a flat), and Mr. tuffys only weight 50g/tire

  6. Lance

    I’ve used the tubes with the slime already in them. They actually work great. I’ve heard air coming through from a thorn puncture. After a wheel spin, it self sealed. Great tube!

    The only problem I’ve had is when the tube gets old and you try to let air out. Sometimes the slime will try to escape with the air, clogging the presta valve and preventing me from deflating(and removing) the tire.

  7. Ghost Rider

    I use Mr. Tuffys on top of the Slime-filled tube…I ain’t taking any chances!

  8. Mike Myers

    I use Panaracer Ruffy Tuffy tires. I’ve put 7000 miles on two sets and NO FLATS.

    But I must admit, I’ve never, ever had a flat tire. Ever. I’m 37, I’ve been riding seriously since age 14, and I’ve never had a flat–on the road. I’ve woken up to flat tires, and I did have a valve stem separate one time when I was sitting home. Never had to change a tube on the side of the road.

  9. RL Policar

    Don’t say never… you basically just jinxed yourself! Oh man there goes your lucky streak.

  10. Ghost Rider

    I find that incredibly hard to believe…amazing luck (which you just ruined by invoking the pesky demons of flat-tires by mentioning said luck!).

    I can’t begin to count the number of flats I’ve had…from BMX blowouts through MTB tube shreddings, road racing DNFs, commuter mishaps such as poorly-negotiated curb hops, etc. I’ve collected enough nails, screws, wire and other metal bits in my tires to stock a hardware store!

  11. Mark

    Works great on motorcycles also. Even if it doesn’t seal completely, it slows the air loss down so you can notice the problem and get stopped. Saved my butt in the Columbia Gorge on a ride once. Unseen object tore open the tire and tube but I got it stopped. I use it in every tube now.

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