Commuters and Full Face Helmets

Watch this…

After seeing that, would it be wise for bike commuters to wear full face helmets? Granted I doubt you folks are dumb enough to put your foot in your spokes like the lady in the video did…but still

I did see a commuter with a full face helmet, orange vest, reflective ankle straps, lights at last months bicycle coalition meeting that I attended.


  1. Mike

    Sure it would be wise for commuters to wear full face helmets… and full-armored kevlar suits with airbags, mouth guards, articulating hard boots and gloves, and UV impervious eyewear. But where do you draw the line?

  2. Quinn

    A full face- I always liked the idea of the Switchblade(?) detachable face, but I don’t see it for commuting, besides most commuters around here are 70’s-style fixie nerds that wouldn’t be caught dead with Any helmet on.

  3. Ghost Rider

    Speaking of which, I saw a fixed-gear hipster last night on the way home riding down a dark street with NO LIGHTS, no brakes and a freakin’ TOP HAT instead of a helmet. He didn’t even acknowledge me when I hollered “Howdy” to him. Damn hipsters!!!

  4. Laura

    I work in a store that sells cycling gear, and recently a woman accompanied by her two little boys came in and bought a full face helmet for the eldest boy. If figure the little guy was 8 years old, and he had face planted the previous day just riding in a nearby park. His nose, lips and chin had deep abrasions and he looked really sore. When the mother handed him the helmet he immediately put it on. I don’t think he wanted to take anymore chances.

  5. Nick

    NYC’s Mike D rocks a yellow full face helmet and he doesn’t take guff from NOBODY.

  6. Mike Myers

    A full face helmet would be a good idea, but the current full face helmets are designed for downhill MTB racers and BMX freestylers. Wearing one of those on my commute would be WAY too hot, and it makes wearing a mirror difficult. Now, if some smart company figured out a way to skeletonize a full face helmet for roadies/commuters…..

  7. Brent K.

    I always used to wear a half shell until I smacked my face into a…well, i really don’t remember what it was but it was hard…Anywho, I damaged my face and now I can’t feel anything on my right forehead essentially…

    Oh ya. this was street riding…

    Full face for me thanks.

  8. Another

    Totally agree with Mike Myers.

  9. Jamiemejia

    Full face helmet, would have been a great idea 24 hours ago. While going to work my pedal ripped out of my crank causing me to eat the pavement. Like it it with my teeth. I went to the dentist today and will spent 6k by the time it’s done getting it fixed, not to mention 4 inches of road rash on my face. I won’t be getting any action soon from the wife…lol

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