My two wheeled shrink

This afternoon I was bummin’ and stressing out on a few things. When it came to pick up the kids from school, I grabbed my car keys and started out the door. Then I stopped myself and said, let me take the Big Red Bike instead. The exercise and fresh air will do more good for me and my head than a car could ever do.

Bike riding has often been my form of release or a way for me to deal with stressful situations. Basically I use it to get my mind clear and help me refocus on what needs to be done.

I know this had also worked for Priscilla during one of her bad mornings.

So if you’re ever feeling stressed, depressed or overwhelmed, then get on your bike…besides its cheaper than going to a shrink!


  1. Jeff Rossini

    Amen! And in addition to providing yourself with some fresh air and exercise, thinking twice about driving – and deciding to ride your bike – can provide that lovely morale boost to make the other problems seem less important. Ride on RL!

  2. FlynRyn

    Tru dat RL , rode to work yesterday after being off the commute schedule for 2 weeks and it felt great!
    If my muscles were talking they would tell you a different story. Two weeks off the road bike makes a difference.

  3. Quinn

    I totally agree that my bike is my shrink,though, I have to be careful because I do not own a car, Meaning, even in the dead cold of winter, if I have to go ANY where, its on my bike, which can get depressing, turning it into something to hate, that is why I know have 3 Different bikes.

  4. RL Policar


    First of all, your new name here at Bike Commuters is “Q”….just the letter…It sounds really cool. I wish I could do that, but I have two letters in my name…

    Anyhow, I think that’s awesome that you ride all year long. Perhaps you should get more bikes! You know, have one for each season and a type of bike for each purpose.

    For example, you can get a cyclocross for commuting and riding in the fall-winter seasons. a Mountain bike for summer and even through some of the winter season. Spring would need a road bike, a foldable for traveling and a beach cruiser when you need to go to the market or coffee shop. Not that I’m saying you need all that, but it makes it fun!

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