The other day I went to the headquarters of in Long Beach, Ca. I met up with Andrea White, Executive Director of the organization. We chatted a bit about what Bike Station is all about and what they do. So to give you a better idea, I pulled this from their website.

Bikestation is a not-for-profit organization that offers secure bicycle parking and related services to make cyclists’ lives easier. Park your bike at Bikestation and you can be assured that your vehicle is secure and covered.

Whether you ride your bike to public transportation, to work, or you simply need a safe place to store your bike for the day, Bikestation is available to serve you. It’s simple, convenient and affordable.

Many Bikestations offer free parking during their hours of operation, and paid memberships for 24-hour access to secure parking. To find more information on what method of parking is more convenient for you, check the page of your local Bikestation for their daily hours of operation.

In addition, each Bikestation location provides unique services and amenities; but most Bikestations provide:

* Shared-use bicycle rentals;

* Access to public transportation;

* Convenient operating hours;

* Friendly and helpful staff;

* Information to plan your commute trips.

Some Bikestation locations offer bicycle repairs, bicycle and commute sales & accessories, rental bikes for local and tourist needs, restroom/changing rooms and access to environmentally-clean vehicle-sharing. Select your local Bikestation from the menu bar for specific services and programs.

After our meeting, I managed to walk down to an actual Bike Station in downtown Long Beach. It was only 2 blocks from their office so I grabbed my camera and got some pictures of the facility.

The Bike Station has a full-on bike shop that caters to commuters. Plus, the place is manned by mechanics who can work on your bike while you’re at work.

The facility sells commuter-specific gear such as reflective bands, fenders, wheels, tires, tubes, patch kits, fixed gear parts and much more.

Check out the bike racks.

Long Beach is pretty lucky to have Bike Station. Man I know so many people in various parts of the country who would do anything for a place like this. If you think about it, it’s like going into a bike shop, leaving your bike there while someone watches it…covered and secured…and when you get off work, you go grab it and ride back home! It’s such a great idea and Bike Station mentioned that they are in the process in adding more bike stations throughout the country.

If you’d like more information about Bike Station, just check out their website.


  1. Russ Roca

    you were in my neck of the woods! 🙂 shoulda hit me up, i know who makes the best hot wings in town…

  2. Ghost Rider

    Bike Station rocks — I hope this idea catches on elsewhere in the country!

    It’s nice to see the racks so full, too…a good sign that people are out there riding their bikes for shopping and commuting purposes!

  3. db

    Awesome. A glimmer of hope.

  4. RL Policar


    I was totally thinking of you while I was in LB. I was also kinda hoping that I’d run into Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles…never been there but I do remember seeing it once. I think its on Cherry or Atlantic Ave, right?

  5. Jeff Rossini

    RL – glad to see you got to meet Andrea. She is a really cool gal.

    They are in the process of building a BikeStation to go along with the new Light Rail public transit train in the Phoenix metro area where I live. I am pretty excited about it…not too excited about all the construction around here that gnarls up my tires since my office is on one of the main roads where the Light Rail will run.

  6. Jeff Rossini

    I just noticed the solar panels on the roof! Do you know if the entire thing is solar powered? That would be awesome…

  7. Dominic Dougherty

    Jeff, The solar panels cover about 12% of our annual electricity usage. There is another row of them in the back of the facility as well.

    RL, I wish I’d known that was you that came in taking pictures! I would’ve shown you the member’s facility.

  8. Ghost Rider

    Solar power…man, Bike Station is the COOLEST!!!

    I wish all the Bike Station people nothing but wild success — it’s a very European-style service that is sorely needed in U.S. cities. Services like this will help change the car-centric mindset that has this country stuck in gridlock!!

  9. John

    Bike Station Long Beach turned out to a horrible experience. Somehow they irresponsibly left the doors open and my bike was stolen. They knew what had happened and had no intention on telling me (or anyone) that the bike (other bikes were stolen as well) had been stolen. You can imagine how I felt when I went to get my bike and it was gone! Then they avoided answering any questions I had and were very closed mouthed about the situation and said I had to file a police report myself with no help from them. Even though they had the incident on video, they never handed the evidence over to the police. And, of course, they wouldn’t allow me access to the video evidence to give to the police myself. Instead of being helpful they badgered me and treated me like I was the problem. Of course they offered to replace the bike at less than half of its value. I had to continuously make the efforts to call them for information, etc. No efforts were made on their part. When I informed them I was no longer going to be a member they refused to refund my deposit on the door entry key. An incredibly unprofessional group of people with no morals. They surely didn’t act like a non-profit organization. I supposedly was communicating with the higher ups in management and if that’s the best they’ve got, they have a real problem. I understand that things can happen. When these things do happen, all efforts should be made to settle the incident without a large hassle. The way I was treated was reprehensible and it needs to be known how I was treated. Be careful when dealing with these people. Join at your own risk. It was about $85 bucks a year. I’m sure it’s more now. Is it worth having your bike stolen?…You decide!

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