Benotto Rehab Update…It’s done

That’s right my vintage Benotto is done. I ended up getting most of this stuff free from the LBS. I did have to pay for the pink bar tape, bottle cage, cable and housing. But the Mavic MA40 wheelset, tires, drop bars and Tektro brake levers were free.

So scheck it out mang…

oooh lugs…

Unfortunately its too small for Priscilla and its too big for my oldest. So guess what, I’m selling it. I just don’t have room in my garage for it. It does make me sad to see it go, but I’m sure someone else can enjoy it.

Only problem is, I’m not so sure how much to sell it for. Any suggestions…and don’t give me those responses where you say….”you’d have to give me money to take it!”


  1. FlynRyn

    Sweet whip! Very vintage.

  2. Ghost Rider

    Straight off Sheldon’s website:

    “An Italian company that moved to Mexico. Some of the Italian examples are exquisite. Such an N.R. bike should be worth perhaps $800. To pay a thousand or a bit more for a truly outstanding example with original paint would be fairly rational. Later Mexican production yielded nice but not terribly special bikes. For N.R. examples figure $600. “

    Some of the price depends on where it was made (Mexico or Italy…I think we’ve talked about this before) and what parts are on it. If it doesn’t have a lot of Campagnolo stuff on it — and from here I don’t see any — I’d start the price at $300 OBO. Most folks don’t appreciate older bikes, though, unless they’re doing a fixed-gear conversion, so it’s hard to sell vintage bikes for what they’re really worth. Expect the worst and hope for the best!

  3. Steve

    The 800 was made in Mexico and sold new for $300.00. It is made with high tencil steel has a 74 degree seat tube angle and a 39″ wheel base.A great riding bicycle. It was my best selling entry level bicycle in the 80s
    This bike is worth $175 vintage or not.

  4. RL

    Thanks Steve,

    But I actually sold this bike for $221 and some change.

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