One Bad-ass Lunchbox

This has very little to do with bicycle commuting, but the other day my wife bought me a truly BAD-ASS lunchbox that I just had to share with you. For folks who have traveled abroad, you may recognize it as an Indian “tiffin box”, designed to carry multiple courses of a lunchtime meal, or multiple servings of the same meal for a number of people.

Badass lunchbox

Basically, it is two stainless steel bowls with a separating plate — and a lid for the small bowl. The whole thing clamps together with a hinged carrier and integrated carrying handle, keeping everything together. In the above picture, I have my “Russ Roca-approvedtitanium spork wedged under the clamp.

Here’s what the lunchbox looks like when it’s separated — sorry, I ate everything inside. You’ll have to look at your own lunch!


The whole contraption (with carrying handle) is about 10″ tall, and the two bowls hold PLENTY of food (RL, I’m thinking of you and your “super-buffet” appetite!). Two drawbacks, though. First, it isn’t liquid-tight (like Tupperware), so it must be carried upright. Second, it’s heavy. Empty, the thing weighs about a pound. For me this is no big deal, since the bike I carry it on weighs about 50 lbs. What’s another pound between friends?

The lunchbox sits on top of my rear rack, or sometimes I slip it into one of the panniers — it’s small enough to fit and still leave room for other goodies. I just throw a bungee cord over it when it’s on the rack and it stays in place.

Ready to roll

My wife found this box on a website called, which also sells lots of products made out of sustainable and/or recycled materials, if that’s your bag…ha ha. While we were shopping there, we also bought our son an insulated lunchbag made out of recycled soda bottles…keeping 10 2-liter bottles out of landfills. Yeah!


  1. RL Policar

    So that means I can bring my Palak Paneer, Tandoori Chicken and Chicken tiki masala…all in one shot! Sweet!

  2. Ghost Rider

    You got the picture!

  3. Moe

    Or some Menudo or Pozole or Albondigas…

  4. Priscilla

    Or tofu, brown rice and stir fried veggies?!?!?!? awesome. 🙂

  5. Ghost Rider

    Menudo will fit in a lunchbox? I mean the band, not the food, of course.

    So far I’ve put cochinita pibil (sp.? — spicy pork dish?) and a heap of yellow rice in there, and a salad on top. Also homemade red beans and rice with smoked andouille.

  6. db

    Well hell, I’m doing this wrong. I just carry a can of soup…

  7. RL Policar

    Why bother going through the trouble…just eat out!

  8. Ghost Rider

    db, do you throw that can of soup in the campfire when you get there? Ha ha!

    Eating out is for suckers…it’s better to figure out how to make goodies at home. I used to work pretty closely with a team of state restaurant inspectors, and the horror stories they told would curl your hair…rats running rampant in one of the most upscale restaurants in n. Florida, raw chickens left to “cure” in the hot sun behind a number of popular Asian restaurants, etc. You’re rolling the gastrointestinal dice every time you set foot into a restaurant!!!

  9. Priscilla

    Preach it Ghost Rider!

  10. Mike

    Great resource, thanks!

  11. Cornfed Jay

    Ok, that gizmo all separated out looks like a shiny new set of dog dishes….

  12. Ghost Rider

    Ha ha…that’s what I thought when I first unpacked it — “I have to eat out of DOG dishes?!?”

    My dog should be so lucky, though…

  13. Russ Roca

    sweet…that might be cool set for a one or two day bike tour…..

  14. Ghost Rider

    You know, come to think of it, that would be a great idea for camping. I’ll check and see if my MSR Whisperlite stove fits inside there — the bowls are plenty durable enough to withstand an open flame…

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