I wonder if people would stop yelling at me if I wear this T-shirt while I ride…


  1. Priscilla

    I want that shirt!!!!

  2. Tim Grahl

    Yeah rock on, that’s a Twin Six shirt!

    What WOULDN’T Jesus do?

  3. Max

    Actually it should be WWJR… What would Jesus ride? I mean really, would he embrace a steel frame custom job, or rock a carbon uber-bike? Some would say single-speed with 700c tires and a coaster brake, but I for one hope it is a dual suspension all mountain rig. I hope he would have a sense of humor about this posting…

  4. RL Policar

    I don’t know Max…Mr. J is a pretty humble guy, if anything, I think he’d be on a Wally World Special…

    But if he did ride a bike, perhaps a fixed gear, no brakes with a pair of knickers!

  5. Jeff Rossini

    I am with Priscilla – I covet thy shirt.

  6. Eric

    People would probably knock you down just to see if you rise again… 🙂

  7. Quinn

    around here, I’d get HONKd at, and right hooked. but then again America as a whole isn’t very christian any more

  8. Mike Myers

    Jesus would ride lugged steel.

  9. Moe (Post author)

    “America as a whole isn’t very Christian any more” Mmm, remind me who was the majority that re-elected our ‘magnificent’ current President… But that is a whole other post… for a totally different blog.

  10. db

    Jesus would ride lugged steel.

    And a wool jersey.

    Love the TwinSix stuff. Just bought their ’07 Commuter shirt.

  11. Eric

    Moe, that makes me think of another poll I’d be very interested to take/see the results of.

    What are bike commuters politcal views, or leaning.. Conservative? Liberal? Socialist? Anarchist? Communist? Apolitical?

    I get the general feeling that people who are into cycling, environmental preservation, health, etc. are considered of a certain liberal leaning. Being that I am concerned and personally active with all those things yet very conservative politically speaking, I feel I don’t fit the mold – but I could be wrong…

  12. FlynRyn

    I think it would be made of wood. Probally belt driven made of leather. Where can thy purchase such a garmet?

  13. db

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