This is going to the local PD.

I was really bothered by the “Dumb Driver.” So I decided to see about clearer images from the video I took. After playing with the videos and taking screen shots, I finally got a clear shot of his license plate and his face. I’m making a copy of the video and photos and sending that over to the Fullerton PD. Now if I see him living in the area, I’m giving him a copy too with a note saying that its been sent to the PD.
Click on image to make it larger.


  1. Ghost Rider

    Nice work…like something you might see on CSI!!!

    That’s real classy that the douchebag isn’t even looking at you and your daughter as he’s putting your lives in danger. That SUCKS.

  2. Max

    I wouldn’t confront him directly. I’m all for personal correction when needed, but getting shot or run down by some jackass for his bruised ego, isn’t worth it. Report it, and let the cops do their job. Seriously.

  3. Arnie

    Good job bro. I hope Fullerton PD does something on this one.

  4. Smudgemo

    Dumbass appears to have never given a thought to you standing there. I hope the local PD is as good about hassling the guy as Berkeley was when some guy drove at me in an attempt to teach me a lesson. Nobody but my wife was witness to it, and they still read him the riot act and asked if I wanted to press charges. Nice work on the video.

  5. Mike Myers

    It’s not very expensive to do a reverse license plate lookup. I hope the local police do something when you show them the video, but it’s been my experience that if a cop wasn’t there when it happened, it didn’t happen.

  6. Ghost Rider

    Still, it doesn’t hurt to try…what’s the worst they will say — “no, we won’t do anything”?

    There are a few “shitty driver” databases you can submit that license plate to on the Web for free, as well. Might as well, right?

  7. Ghost Rider
  8. Mike Myers

    By all means, try. And keep trying.

  9. db

    Cool! My eyesight is pretty good. But I’m glad someone was able to clean it up further and get all of the letters/numbers.

    Even if the police won’t act, they will know that there are cyclists out there who want this stuff to be a concern. We’re paying their wages….

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