Victims of our Own Success

About a week ago my email was hacked. Guess what — this hacker is part of the bike industry. How do I know that? Well, for one thing he was emailing my bike industry contacts. People that we deal with for reviews, ads and etc. This punk sent an email to some of the major players that we’re working with for ’08.

He sent emails basically trying to ruin my name and our site’s credibility. After a few phone calls to do some damage control with some of our contacts, we’re back on track. If you’re one of the companies we deal with and received an email from my old account asking for money to do product reviews or anything that doesn’t sound like something I would write, I do apologize in advance. It wasn’t me who sent it, it was the hacker. Besides, we’ve never charged for our reviews and people of the industry know that.

To our readers: Please note that we have never been paid to do a review and although you see ads on our site, the revenue from these ads are solely for the purpose of paying for hosting services, going to Interbike, Sea Otter and other events. We do this because we love cycling, not to get rich.

About the author

As one of the original founders of He has helped build this site into one of the leading and oldest bicycle commuting blog sites. Filled with passion for everything two wheels, RL Policar covers a multitude of subjects from product reviews, news, articles and technical how to's.