One F**ked Up Commuter Horror Story

I just stumbled across this terrible story via Kent Peterson’s blog.

Read about a nice, cheerful man who was shot twice for no reason whatsoever and survived while commuting home on his bicycle:

Sonsabitches! As if we didn’t have enough to worry about out there with the douchebags in Hummers, rich assholes in Mercedes and all the glass, debris, substandard bike lanes, shoddy law enforcement and rough streets we bikers have to face!

Bring out the torches and pitchforks…it’s vigilante justice time!


  1. Steve

    Profanity is the recourse of the inarticulate.

  2. Moe

    What? A bike commuter gets shot and all you do is criticize 2 words?

  3. Ghost Rider

    To be fair, we rarely curse around here…except when something really makes our blood boil.

    This is just one of those stories — something so random and so evil that could have killed a man, and for what? So someone could laugh about it later? Ugh.

    If such language offends you or turns you off, well, thanks for stopping by anyway!

  4. Quinn

    Not that it would help against a real gun, but I have Really thought about carrying a paint-ball gun, to help I’D bad drivers, and defend myself after they stop.

  5. Mike

    Quinn, a paintball gun is a bad idea. Too bulky, likely will only piss off an assailant, and the paint is water soluble and easily removed. Maybe there’s special paint out there, and you can get a pistol sized marker, but I just don’t think it’s even remotely practical for a cyclist. A helmet cam is probably less expensive…

  6. Ghost Rider

    Besides that…if someone sees you waving a gun-shaped object around, things could escalate into serious violence — real guns, police being called with guns drawn, etc. People have been shot and killed for less!

  7. Lance

    Wow, I never thought I’d every hear the word “inarticulate” directed at you GR!

    Me, yes. But not my vocabulary teacher! 🙂

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