And the Sweetskinz Winners Are…

Thanks to everyone who signed up for our mailing list and entered the raffle to win a pair of Sweetskinz tires. It was great meeting you all at the Bicycle Bash by the Bay on Sunday!

Winners were chosen by a blindfolded 4-year-old (to keep things fair and objective!), and they are:

Lisa Abney (26″ pair)

Zachary Pena (700c pair)

Terri Lawley (26″ pair)

Sara Palmer (700c pair)

If you are one of the winners, please contact me at “ghostrider(over there at)bikecommuters(dot)com” — we’ll make arrangements to get the tires out to you and take your picture if you’ll let us!!

Thanks again to all the entrants for this raffle! Stay tuned for other prize giveaways in the coming days.


  1. James Strome

    great time, beautiful day, nice people, helpful. Need more of these events.

  2. RL Policar

    Congrats to the winners! I have 2 pairs of Sweetskinz and they’ll make any bike look super cool!


  3. Lisa

    Thanks so much I can’t wait to get them on there and give them a spin!!! hooray!

  4. jt

    Great event. well done. great atmosphere. need more commuter bike stuff. again, well done!

  5. Ghost Rider

    Thanks for the kind words…I wish I could say that we were responsible for helping to pull this event off, I must again tip my hat to Alan Snel (the mastermind behind it all).

    Yeah, the event was heavy on road racing machines and freakbikes, but that’s why we were so excited to be invited to participate…gotta get that commuting message out!!!

    If this event grows like it did between the first and second year, it will be HUGE! The first year was a mere drop in the bucket compared to this year’s turnout of participants and visitors.

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