2008 KHS bikes

Our friends from KHS Bicycles have put their 2008 line of bikes on their site. Here are a few bikes that we have tested in the past:

The KHS Urban X, I tested this bike 2 years ago. At a MSRP of $359, the Urban X is a bargain that is hard to beat.

I also tested this bike, it’s on the higher end of commuter bikes, but the beauty of this bike is that it can double as your century bike as well.

Haven’t had the chance to test this bike yet, we are hoping to get our hands on it this year.

Tested by Lance a couple of months ago, the KHS Flite 300 now features a carbon fiber seatpost, a different saddle and 2 choices of colors.

The Flite 100, KHS’ fixed gear offering now comes with a front brake.

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